• HealthyLearn Available to All Conner Strong & Buckelew Clients for Free:


    HealthyLearn covers over a thousand different types of health and wellness topics, presented to you in a simple and straightforward manner. By visiting their website, members can view a plethora of wellness programs and videos, from stress management, to tobacco cessation and even nutritional programs. Members can also chat with a virtual wellness coach who will help address any concerns or questions you may have.


    The site has also been expanded to now include a host of new materials devoted entirely to dealing with COVID-19.  The expanded features include content and videos devoted to dealing with the coronavirus and how to cope with the new challenges employees are facing mentally and emotionally. In addition, now embedded at our portal is access to an embedded site solely devoted to COVID-19 for workers called Work Well Being from Home. The tool includes a host of new solutions devoted to helping employees deal with the new-normal in a secure and confidential way.


    For more information regarding HealthyLearn, please refer to the flyer below, or refer to the My Wellness tab of your BenePortal site: www.kingswaybenefits.com/healthylearn

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