Instructional Technology Inventory & Requests

  • Guide to Instructional Resource Requests

    The Instructional Resources Request Process is designed to select and implement new or upgraded resources, including apps, extensions, online subscriptions, digital textbooks, etc.  A clear and streamlined process for purchasing instructional resources encourages careful decision-making at the instructor, department, building, and district level and aids in well-defined communication channels between educators and school leaders to ensure the effective and safe use of resources and technology to transform instruction.  This process is not meant to restrict innovation, but rather to ensure instructional resources are used as creatively, efficiently, and effectively as possible.  It is also structured to support and involve teachers in the decision making process of adopting new instructional resources.

    The following approval process is required for instructional resources purchased with district funds and for materials acquired through grants and donations in an effort to establish and maintain consistency regarding the upgrading of hardware and educational technology in our schools.  When making a purchase, it is helpful to reflect on the “problem” to be solved and if this resource supports a solution that can transform instruction.   It is recommended to pilot or trial new resources whenever possible and timely.

    The below purchasing procedures apply for all for instructional resources, including educational technology, i.e. software, online apps and extensions, online subscriptions, and digital textbooks.   Approval for free instructional technology resources is also outlined.

    The following components are included in this guide:

    1. Procedures for approval of free apps, extensions, and edtech resources

    2. Procedures for approval and purchasing of instructional resources

    3. Instructional Resource Reflection Tool for Educators

    4. Instructional Resource Evaluation Rubric

    5. Request for Instructional Resource Purchase

    6. FAQ


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  • Approved Apps and Websites

    During the school year our students may have the opportunity to use District-approved websites and applications for educational purposes that require student registration prior to use. The District is committed to the safety of our students, especially when it comes to using online resources. Therefore, all apps and websites used for educational purposes in the District go through an administrative approval process. The approved online resources the District employs provide some of the most compelling new educational tools for students and help them develop into responsible digital citizens.

     Linked below is the list of District-approved resources, as well as links to their terms of service, and privacy policies. This resource site will be kept current as new websites are added to the list of approved resources.

    Please note that not all students use every resource in the list below. Teachers only use these resources as appropriate for age, subject and grade level.