• Wireless Internet Access Where can I get it?

    For the online learning process to be successful you will need wireless internet access. We understand that not all parents have this wireless access and have laid out several opportunities for families to get access to FREE and/or low-cost internet.

     Did you know… 

    • If you have a cell phone data plan some providers have temporarily suspended data caps for the next 60 days. If you have an unlimited data plan with your cell phone you will no longer be slowed down after you hit your monthly data.  For more information on what carriers are providing please go to this site as it is updated regularly.  
      • What does this mean to you: You should feel free to put your cell phone (if applicable) in hotspot mode to connect a device to it to use the data plan from your phone.  See how to here
    • Comcast is providing free high-speed internet for 2-months through their Internet Essentials package. After that it would be $10 per month for families that qualify as low- income.
    • Comcast is now providing FREE Xfinity wifi access to all customers. To find these locations you will need to go to an internet device and browse to http://wifi.xfinity.com/. This will detail all the locations in your
    • If none of these options are applicable and you are still in need for wireless internet please contact Kingsway Support for assistance by submitting a request here.  


    Below is a map of our school where you can get FREE outdoor WiFi internet access as a last resort.  You will need to authenticate with your KRSD username/password if you are using your own device.  Any district provided chromebook with automatically connect when in range.