College Connections during Senior Year

  • During Semesters I and II of their senior year and while enrolled in Health Professions III: Seminar and Practicum, students will have the option (under strong recommendation) to take three online Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ) courses: Medical Terminology, Nutrition, and Biomedical Ethics


    These courses will run through the same process as typical High School Options Participation (HSOP) and allow for students to earn 15 college credits. This was designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to start taking college courses at a 65% discount off of RCSJ's tuition and per credit fees (currently $156.45).  Completed courses under the HSOP program can be applied to a Rowan College at South Jersey associate degree program or easily transferred to other institutions of higher education. 


    Time in the day will be scheduled for the students to engage with the course, which will be proctored by one of KRHS Health Professions teachers. RCSJ course descriptions are noted below.


    • ALH 102 Medical Terminology: This course is designed to assist in the mastery of the terms, words, phrases, and symbols that describe the human body in its various states of health and disease, as well as the proper anatomical terms for each of the body parts. Terminology regarding diagnosis, surgical procedures and pharmacological preparations will be presented. The depth and scope of this course will meet the needs of students in health technologies and in business studies departments.


    • ALH 140 Biomedical Ethics: The range of issues that define bioethics intersect with issues of racial and gender equality, as well as policies affecting the world’s most vulnerable populations.  This multidisciplinary course blends the arts of philosophy, theology, history, and law to examine biomedical issues in personal, social and cultural contexts.  Students will be introduced to classic and contemporary methods and theories of ethics and use those concepts to analyze a variety of current biomedical and health-care related issues and apply moral reasoning to formulate an ethical response.  This class serves as a framework to assist professionals in resolving legal and ethical questions in the field of medicine and research.


    • HPE 136 Nutrition: This course provides students with basic nutrition information that can be incorporated into daily life.  Topics include explorations of the controversies and myths concerning food, diet and weight control.