Implementing a 4.00 GPA Scale

  • Kingsway will change from our current 100-point Grade Point Average (GPA) to a more commonly used 4.0 GPA model. This is the standard scale used at most colleges, and many high schools use it (College Board, 11/30/19) with corresponding grades to match. reported that students who attend schools using another grade point scale, such as Kingsway, are required to convert their GPA to a 4.0-scale-equivalent.


    This is a critically important step for our high school students when completing their college applications. In fact, the National Association of Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), as reported on, calculates on a 4.000 scale and sets 2.3 and 2.20 GPA to determine eligibility for Division I and Division II athletes for NCAA approved core courses, respectively. Again, requiring Kingsway students to convert its 100-point scale to a 4-point scale for a number of students during the college application process. Eliminating this step would make for an easier process for our students, who often have to refer to online conversion calculators.


    This shift will continue to incorporate a weighted option, so that we take into account a course’s rigor, such as with honors and Advanced Placement (AP). The following local schools utilize a traditional 4.0 GPA model: Salesianum, Garnet Valley, Shawnee, Cherokee, Lenape, Rancocas Valley, Williamstown, and more. See Table 1 below.

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