Implementation & Policy Changes

  • Through inquiry and investigation, school officials believe they can better position Kingsway students to compete for college acceptance to colleges of their choosing, strengthen academic culture and enhance scholarship opportunities for all students; and, streamline high school-to-college transitions when necessary and specific changes to ranking and grading policies are made. Therefore, in an effort to increase the opportunity for student acceptance to competitive state colleges and universities, Kingsway officials are planning to make the following changes:

    1. Shift away from our 8-point grading scale in favor of a 10-point grading scale.
    2. Move away from publishing class rank.
    3. Realign grade point average (GPA) from our 100-point scale to the traditionally used 4.0 scale.
    4. Maintain weighted grading in advanced courses like honors and Advanced Placement (AP).
    5. Improve recognition of academic achievement through a Latin Honors Program used by colleges and universities.

    Kingsway believes that the changes will: (1) provide students a seamless transition to college through the use of common language and practices; (2) maintain current rigor and high standards of excellence with a focus on student learning; and, (3) improve the overall college admissions experience and outcomes for our students.

    Implementation Plan

    The planned changes will take effect in September 2020 and will apply to students entering grades 7 through 12. The application of GPA will remain in the high school only. This would require school counselors to amend historical grades to the new proposed weighted system. For example, students who earned between a 60-64 would now receive a letter grade of a “D” with a corresponding weight and credit.

    The following items, although not all-encompassing, would require adjustment:

    • Graduation Progress Page
    • GPA Formula
    • Retroactively award credit to all historical grades between 60-64
    • Credit to all historical grades to reflect 1 or .5
    • School profile
    • Create new grade scales
    • All courses to include appropriate grade scale
    • Honor Roll calculation
    • Renaissance calculation
    • Update NCAA

Kingsway's Plan to Improve College Acceptance & Strengthen Academic Culture for All Students

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