Cyber-Day Assignment

  • Kingsway embraces technology as a way to enhance education and prepare our students for life after high school. Many of them will enroll in a college or university that will take a blended approach to education, utilizing both traditional forms and e-learning platforms, to deliver instruction and facilitate learning. Other students, whether its post-high school or post-college, will be employed in organizations that will most likely utilize technology to complete work responsibilities from home. As time goes on, technology will continue to enhance these opportunities and we want our students to be ready to embrace each one. Our hope is that students will gain valuable experiences from this approach and be reminded of the importance of taking control of their personal learning experiences through independent work at a time and place of their choosing.


    Cyber Day Summary of Survey Results

    May 22, 2019


    Kingsway Announces Cyber Day to replace Snow "Make-Up" Day

    March 22, 2019



Kingsway announces Cyber Day Assignment