• Gluten Free

    The food service department has accommodated students that require a gluten free diet. The price will be the same as a regular student lunch. If you happen to qualify for free/reduced price meals, the cost to you (if any) will remain the same.

    The gluten-free options are limited to reduce the possibility of storage cross-contamination. All food we offer will be products listed as gluten free by our suppliers or known to be gluten free.

    At this time, the gluten free options are only available to those students whose parents/ guardians provide:

    • A medical statement from a licensed physician noted that the student must have a gluten free diet.
    • A Medical Management Plan on file with the school district indicating that a gluten free diet is required.

    For your convenience, below is the gluten free order form. Email the completed form at haynesh@krsd.us no later than 9:30am. Please note that receiving your child's lunch order for the week is preferred. Let us know if your child is absent on the day that you ordered a gluten-free lunch.

    Gluten Free Order Form