Random Testing for Alcohol and Drug Use

  • Kingsway's Random Testing for Student Alcohol or Other Drug Use Program has been in place since September 2017. (See Superintendent's Announcement.) This program, as established through Board of Education Policy 5536 and Regulation 5536, enhances the District’s ability to provide our students with a safe and drug free learning environment. The purposes of this random alcohol and drug testing program are to have a positive effect on attaining the important objectives of deterring alcohol and drug use, and to provide a means for early detection of students with substance abuse problems so that referral for evaluation or treatment may be offered.

    Students in grades seven through twelve who participate in Kingsway's interscholastic athletic program, participate in extra-curricular programs, and/or those who receive a school-issued parking permit to drive/park a personal vehicle on school district property will be required to sign the Consent to Participate in Random Testing for Student Alcohol or Other Drug Use Program. By signing the consent form, students agree to participate in the program for the duration of his/her time they are enrolled as students in the Kingsway Regional School District, regardless of whether the activity they participate in is out-of-season.

    Remedial measures will be applicable for a student who tests positive for alcohol or drugs (Summary of Remedial Measures for Positive Alcohol/Drug Test). Remedial measures will result from a confirmed positive alcohol or drug test, a student’s refusal to test when selected and/or tampering with or adulterating the specimen process.

    No student will be penalized academically for testing positive for alcohol or other drugs under District Policy 5536. Any action taken concerning any student who tests positive for alcohol or other drugs shall be limited to removal from or prohibition against participation in extra-curricular activities, including interscholastic athletics and revocation or denial of a student’s parking permit.

    The results of drug tests pursuant to this Policy will not be documented in any student’s academic records or discipline file. Information regarding the results of drug tests will not be disclosed to criminal or juvenile authorities absent legal compulsion by valid and binding subpoena or other legal process, which the Board of Education will not solicit. In the event of service of any such subpoena or legal process, the student and the student’s parent will be notified at least seventy-two (72) hours before response is made by the Board of Education to the extent permitted by such subpoena or legal process. The Contractor will only provide the identity and results of those tested to the Designated Official.


Addiction Does Not Discriminate

How Are We Doing?

  • During the 2017-18 school year, only 0.99% of students tested were found positive for drugs and/or alcohol, outperforming both the National average of 2.0% and NJ average of 2.3%. This is testament to our staff and commitment of our parents and students to take positive steps when presented with a drug or alcohol issue.