• AP Exams are your opportunity to show what you know and what you can do. Taken each May by students all over the world, the AP Exam is the final step you take after a year of hard work in an AP class. These standardized exams are designed to measure how well you’ve mastered the content and skills of the course. Furthermore, a successful score on the AP Exam could earn you college credits, advanced placement in college, and competitive scholarship awards.


    2019 AP Exam Registration Process: (Dates will be post soon)

    1. Students enrolled in one or more AP courses at Kingsway must complete the AP Exam registration form (will be posted soon) by (date will be posted soon) in order to register for the 2019 AP Exams.
    2. In addition to completing this registration form, students must provide payment of $94.00 per AP Exam (by check made payable to “Kingsway Regional High School”) to Mrs. Dormann in the Kingsway Regional High School Guidance Office on or before the payment deadline.
    3. Some students may qualify for a reduced exam fee. Please contact your child’s guidance counselor for more information regarding AP exam fee reductions.


    For additional information about the AP Exam, please access the 2019 AP Bulletin.  

    To visit the College Board’s AP website, click here.

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