Forms & Reporting Requirements

  • District reporting requirements for Booster Clubs are as follows:


    A copy of the Articles of Incorporation/request of formation filed with the Superintendent of Schools. This form need not be submitted annually and only when a few Booster Club is forming and/or when subsequent changes are made to the Booster Club.


    The Booster Club Roster of Officers Form and a schedule of meetings is to be submitted annually and anytime a change in the Roster of Officers occurs.




    The Fundraising Budget Request Form is designed to communicate the intended use of money raised. This form provides transparency and assists the organization with establishing fundraising goals prior to the start of the season. This form is due by September 1st and anytime fundraising goals are amended.




    Semi-Annual Cash Basis Financial Reports and the accompanying Confirmation of Financial Information form are due to the Superintendent of Schools no later than 30 days following the six-month period ending December 31st and June 30th each year. Governmental Accounting Standards (GASB) Statement No. 39 requires the District to obtain and review financial performance information of supporting organizations.


Coat of Arms

Reporting Checklist

    • Aticles of Incorporation (When Organized)
    • Roster of Officers (Sep. 1st)
    • Fundraising Request (Sep. 1st)
    • Financial Report (Jan. &  Jul. 30)
    • Confirmation of Financials (Jan. & Jul. 30, with Finacial Reports)