Proper Use of Booster Funds

  • All Booster Clubs must have an adopted budget which includes major fundraising estimates and planned spending for the year submitted to the Athletic Director or Principal/Principal’s designee and kept on file with the Superintendent of Schools.  Budgets may be amended as required.  All purchases shall have the proper supporting documentation including itemized receipts. 


    Booster Clubs may spend funds or write checks for the following:


    1. Expenses for the operations of the club including, but not limited to mailings, postage, website fees, storage facilities, advertising, bank fees;
    2. If deemed appropriate by club membership for general activities or a specific sponsored event, the cost of providing liability or bonding coverage;
    3. Items purchased for resale as a fundraiser;
    4. Expenses to promote a fund-raising activity including, but not limited to signs, equipment rental, insurance;
    5. All items necessary for parties provided by parents or other students strictly for an athletic team or performing arts program as long as it is approved by the Athletic Director or Principal/Principal’s designee.
    6. All items necessary for one post-season meal or banquet for each team per sport per campus or performing arts program;
    7. All items necessary for meals, snacks or snack foods during and after practices as long as it is not a reward for performance and is approved by the Athletic Director or Principal/Principal’s designee.
    8. Meals and/or hospitality for referees, judges, clinicians or visiting sponsors;
    9. Hospitality expenses for tournaments, extra-curricular events or competitions;
    10. Cost of media guides and/or programs;
    11. Donations to the District to support the respective sports or performing arts programs based on specified needs presented to the Superintendent of Schools;
    12. All items necessary to conduct clinics;
    13. All items necessary to conduct off-season tournaments provided that employees of the District do not participate pursuant to NJSIAA’s Rules and Regulations.
    14. Other items that are approved by the Athletic Director or Principal/Principal’s designee.



Improper Use of Booster Funds

  • District designees (coaches, advisors) oversee the activities of their respective Booster Club program to ensure that District rules and guidelines are followed. However, designees should not have any direct involvement in the disbursement of funds from a Booster Club bank account.  Designees should not have access to Booster Club checks nor should they counter-sign checks.


    Booster Clubs may not spend funds or write checks for the following:


    1. Purchasing of uniforms and equipment necessary to operate the program. The Booster Club is to supplement and not supplant the District’s budgetary obligations.
    2. Nothing of value should be given to students participating in Kingsway-sponsored and NJSIAA sanctioned events/activities. Penalty for any violation of this nature may be the forfeiture of varsity eligibility for any student athlete.
    3. No cash will be given to any school employee to use at his or her discretion.
    4. The purchase or consumption of alcoholic beverages while on school property or in the presence of students is specifically prohibited.
    5. Booster Clubs may not contribute funds in an effort to increase the personnel allocations and/or stipends for any program or team.
    6. Booster Clubs may not sell advertising space on or in the District’s facilities, website and/or property.
    7. Potential use of funds outside the knowledge and direction of the District designee.
    8. Booster Clubs should not have debit cards.
    9. Since all Booster Club fundraising is intended to benefit each program as a whole, funds cannot be used for post-secondary scholarships.