• Fundraiser requests should be appropriate for the public school environment.  Fundraising events should generate support from the community-at-large for each respective Booster Club program. Fundraising events that may generate adverse public attention to the District will not be approved or, if underway, may be subject to cancellation.


    By September 1st Booster Clubs shall complete the Fundraising Budget Request (Intended Use of Proceeds) Form.  Even if an advisor or coach has been assigned as a designee to a Booster Club, the Fundraiser Budget Request Form must be submitted to the Athletic Director or Principal/Principal’s designee for approval. The Fundraising Budget Request Form shall detail the intended use of proceeds from fundraiser activities, include the product to be sold or service to be rendered and the estimated net receipts. 


    Only Booster Clubs with 501(c) 3 status may conduct a raffle as one of their annual fund-raising activities. Raffles must be pre-approved by the Athletic Director and/or Principal/Principal’s designee.


    Student involvement in Booster Club fundraisers should be on a voluntary basis only. Students are not permitted to be required or pressured into fundraising in order to participate in the program or supplemental activities associated with the program. Door-to-door solicitation by Booster Clubs will not be allowed.

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