Title I Programs at Kingsway

  • The Kingsway Regional School District offers a Targeted Assistance Program model that uses Title I funds to support its students' academic success.  A Targeted Assistance Program centers academic support and related interventions and services on an identified group of students who are at risk of not meeting state standards.   Criteria used by the Kingsway Regional School District to identify students for services include a combination of the following measures:  state standardized test scores, classroom grades, local benchmark assessments (i.e. MAP) and recommendations from school personnel. 

    The information below provides an overview of Title I-funded programs offered to students at the Kingsway Regional School District. These programs are dedicated to not only closing gaps but also bolstering your child’s academic confidence while achieving success with the district curriculum.  

    • Supplemental in-day English/language arts (ELA) Classes:  Students who have been identified as needing additional support using multiple measures (i.e. recommendations, course grades, and/or standardized test scores) will be assigned a supplemental course of instruction. These courses are designed to help support the key skills and concepts students need to be successful in the core academic courses. These courses offer tailored instruction by the teacher, progress monitoring via an online math program (iXL), a smaller group setting, and the use of technology on a consistent basis to aid in individualizing instruction for the students.  The teachers for the program can be contacted at any time to learn more.  Teachers are noted in PowerSchool and on each student's schedule. 

    For more information about any of the Title I Programs at Kingsway or to serve on the Title I Parent Advisory Committee, please contact Patricia Calandro at calandrop@krsd.us