Grade Level Information

  • An assigned grade is a measure of student achievement relative to identified grade-level standards, course expectations, and overall curricular goals and objectives. Grades serve to inform students, parents, teachers, and administrators of the degree in which mastery has been attained and to help teachers adjust instruction to meet the individual needs of all students.


    Teachers within the Kingsway Regional School District consistently use the following grading categories and percentages: *


    • Primary - Assessments in this category comprise 50% of a student’s grade and typically assess multiple standards introduced throughout the semester. (70% for Advanced Placement Courses)


    • Secondary - These assessments account for 40% of a student’s grade and typically focus on the discrete skills and understandings students need to acquire before they take a primary assessment. (25% for Advanced Placement Courses)


    • Supportive - In this category, 10% of the overall grade is earned. These assessments usually focus on scores achieved from independent work towards mastery in the standards. (5% for Advanced Placement Courses)


    Each teacher determines a set range of assessments within each of these categories throughout the semester to ensure weighting is appropriate and fair for each student.  For information specific to the number of assessments that fall within each category, please contact your child’s teacher. 


    *Please note that some courses allow for the retaking of assessments throughout the school year.  Therefore, those teachers use the following categories:  Supportive, Formative, and Summative.  Please contact your child’s teacher to find out more information regarding their specific grading policy.    


    Letter grades and their numerical value are noted below:


    Letter Grade

    Numerical Value










    64 and below