Vision 2022: Promising Excellence

  • The Kingsway Regional Board of Education adopted the District Strategic Plan at its meeting on May 26, 2016. The plan entitled “Vision 2022: Promising Excellence” will serve as a guiding instrument for district officials during short and long term planning. Due to the relevency of the Plan's Goals Strategic Priorities with respect to changes in school funding, the plan was extended by the Board of Education on September 26, 2019 through 2021. The Plan was again extended by the Board of Education through 2022 in response to the COVID Pandemic. 

    The Kingsway Regional School District embarked on Vision 2022, a strategic planning initiative that engaged employees, parents, students, community members, business owners, and government leaders in the future planning of our school system. This collaborative planning process resulted in a three year plan which will focus the District’s efforts and financial resources on mutually determined goals that support the needs of our students and the District as a whole.

    Throughout the 2016-17 School Year, forty-two administrators and faculty members exhaustively reviewed the strategic planning goals in the context of three questions: (1) What are we currently doing; (2) How can we refine/perfect what we are doing; and, (3) What might we implement in the Future. These three questions generated considerable collaboration, reflection and discussion on Kingsway's current state of affairs and where we, as a school system, should prioritize our human and financial capital in future years. The professionals who worked on this committee are commended for their excellent work. Click the Leadership Committee Collaborative's Action Steps to review.


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