Volunteers - Become Part of an Education Team

  • Thank you for your interest in volunteering in the Kingsway Regional School District.  Volunteering in a school is a unique and exciting experience.  Volunteers should promote and maintain supportive relationships with students, teachers and school staff.  

    A great volunteer:

    • Is friendly, reliable and flexible
    • Enjoys children
    • Has a good professional attitude, interest and enthusiasm for working with young people
    • Works cooperatively with school staff
    • Recognizes that well-educated children are our greatest asset
    • Feels a deep obligation as a citizen to support and help schools educate each child to his/her highest potential
    • Has talents that can enrich the school program
    • Understands and appreciates the work of the school staff and the volunteer program, and
    • Helps the larger community understand the work occurring in the public schools.
We Need You!