Business Leadership Academy Coursework

  • All business courses within Kingsway’s Business Leadership Academy aim to:


    • Provide a strong knowledgebase related to business principals, economic understandings, and theoretical underpinnings
    • Develop an understanding of business law and ethics and their application to real-world scenarios
    • Cultivate leadership skills and interdependence between and among classmates
    • Advance 21st century skills that support innovative and entrepreneurial thinking
    • Provide a broadly based business curriculum that supports transferable skills and understanding between and among industries
    • Foster a realistic understanding of professional business environments and employer expectations
    • Build school and community partnerships


    Business Leadership Academy: Summer Seminar
    Students who are accepted into Phase II are required to complete two (2) Summer Seminars as part of the Academy.  One seminar will take place during the student’s transition from sophomore to junior year, and the other will take place during the student’s transition from junior to senior year. The Summer Seminars aim to prepare students for coursework that they will encounter during their preceding year.  For more information about the Summer Seminar, please contact the academy supervisor. 


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