Community Education & Recreation Dragons Summer Camp 2023


    Dragon Summer Camp 2023 Registration is now CLOSED! 


    We deeply appreciate your interest in our summer camp program. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept registrations.

    Additionally, the waitlists* for each session are now closed due to full capacity.  

    *If you have previously registered for a session waitlist prior to this announcement, you will remain on the waitlist until a spot becomes available.


    Again, thank you for supporting our program!


  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Registration

    I am a new user. How do I create an account with Active Works in order to register?

    The registration link will take you right to the “Session Selection” portion of registration. When it is time for you to check out after making your selections, you will be prompted to enter your email address and by doing this, an account will be created. In order to use your account throughout the summer, you will be prompted by Active Works to confirm your email address and account by clicking on the link that Active Works will send to the email address that you enter.

    What do I do if I am having technical problems while registering? 

    If you are experiencing technical issues with the registration portal, please send an email to You will receive a response within 24-48 hours, except on weekends. If the issue is preventing you from being able to complete the registration, be sure to send us an email and we will make sure your child has a spot. 

    What if my child has a mid-summer birthday that would bump them up to the next age group & the portal will not allow me to enroll them in the same age group for the whole summer?

    This is because the system has specific age ranges for each age group per session. Do not worry! There is a way around this.

    Parents' major concern is that they want to ensure their child is with their schoolmates and remains with them throughout the summer. If your child is 7 years old or 9 years old with a mid-summer birthday, and you are not sure which group to enroll them in, please enroll them according to their birth date. This means that you will be registering for two different age groups. Don’t fret! We can fix this by “transferring” the registration behind the scenes. We can only do this for children aging out of the group they were enrolled in at the beginning of summer. We will need you to email to notify us of which age group you would like your child to remain in for the summer and specify the weeks you want to be transferred. You can choose for your child to remain in the group they are enrolled in at the time of registration OR you can request to move your child up to the next age group.

    How do I check out if I am not paying today?

    You will enter $0 in the deposit text box. Then you will select the payment plan option and enter your credit card information. Your card will not be charged until the first installment is due, and each installment thereafter.

    When is the multi-week discount applied?

    If you register for more than two weeks, the multi-week discount will be applied to the 3rd week registered and each week thereafter.

    What is the 3% non-refundable processing fee (aka “registration fee”)?

    Active Works charges a 6% processing fee for each registration. Kingsway covers 3% of the fee & the remaining 3% is the non-refundable registration fee. This is already built into the tuition costs. You will only notice this fee in your account when a refund is given. You will notice that the refund amount is less 3% of the original tuition cost and the processing fee amount will appear in your financial statement.   

    How do I check out when I am ready to pay?

    If you are not paying in full, you can select the deposit option and then enter $0.00 in the text box next to “amount”. (If you want to put in more than $0, you can.) Then you will select “payment plan” & select “3 installments” from the dropdown menu. You must enter your credit card information in order to complete the registration. 

  • Contact Information 

    CER Dragon Camp Supervisor:  Brian Tonelli 

    CER Camp Director:  Nick Fiocco

    CER Camp Director:  Tracy Fagan 

    Registration Support:  Anne Byrne

    *All contacts can be reached through this one email address: