Equity Council Mission

  • Although the Kingsway Regional School District has engaged in some form of discussion surrounding equity over the years, in 2018 the district formally partnered with Rowan PEER (Partnerships for Educational Equity and Research) to more deeply explore issues of access, success & equity for all our students. 


    As part of the work, administrators and passionate volunteer faculty have engaged in implicit bias training and discussions centered on understanding who our students are, where they come from, and what they may bring with them that influences their experiences. An extension of this work is our “Student Voices” group, which is fully driven by the students with assistance from Rowan’s Doctoral students and our faculty who are working on an action research project (this will continue into the 21-22 school year).  


    Currently, the district’s Equity Council is made up of dedicated faculty, staff and administrators who continue its work with a focus on three main categories: Curriculum & Instruction Practices, Community Outreach, and Social-Emotional Learning. The goal of these subgroups is to begin to take the understandings and the work to the larger faculty and larger community to improve upon the sense of belonging and connectedness for all our students. 


    The overall mission of Kingsway Regional School District’s Equity Council is to meet people where they are in their understanding of equity while remaining transparent, removing barriers, increasing access, and adding support to magnify the equity lens.  Those truly engaged in the discussion are constantly undergoing their own process of reflection and growth in an effort to normalize the work within the district’s culture and climate.


    We recognize that the institution of education is one that plants seeds of awareness and that we have an awesome responsibility as educators. Systems matter and schools should reflect consciousness-raising institutions that promote knowledge and strategies for (re)acting appropriately against social injustices.  Schools must build a culture and infrastructure that shape the student experience and our mission of excellence. While the taught curriculum is one aspect of this needed transformation, it is the hidden curriculum within policies and practices that are critical to true reform within schools.


    Patricia Calandro

    Chief Academic Officer & 

    Equity Council Member



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