Kingsway Regional Virtual Learning & Supports Program

  • Dear Students & Parents/Guardians: 


    Kingsway Regional School District (KRSD) is dedicated to the continuity of instruction and supports while we respond to the present public health scare. As of Tuesday, March 17th, the district has adopted a Virtual Learning Plan in which learning and related supports will continue through an online platform – Google (Google Classroom, Google Meet, etc.). Teachers will be posting assignments daily in their Google Classrooms and will be available during regular school hours.  Additionally, “Office Hours” by subject area (see below) have been designated so that students can reach out and receive immediate answers to their questions.


    While Kingsway's Virtual Learning Program is not intended to replace the traditional classroom environment, teachers will still be able to deliver standards-based instruction until the normal school schedule can resume. Additionally, school counselors and special education case managers will also continue to provide supports remotely during this time through Google (Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Sites, etc.).


    The purpose of this website is to outline how Kingsway will continue to provide instruction and educational supports in a virtual learning format while the school setting is not available. The information below provides a brief overview of roles and responsibilities for teachers, students, and parents as the success of the Virtual Learning Program will be dependent upon the dedication of all stakeholders.  More information and resources will be added as we continue through this journey.  


    Roles and Responsibilities – Teachers

    • All teachers will use Google Classroom to facilitate instruction.  Classroom codes are posted on teacher websites.  If you need a code, contact your child's teacher via email.  
    • Teachers are available throughout the school day via Google Classroom and email.  They will post assignments no later than 8 a.m. daily in Google Classroom.
    • Teachers will monitor student attendance as evidenced through the completion of activities, assignments, discussions, etc. & email parents weekly if students are not completing work.
    • Teachers will continue to use PowerSchool as a means to communicate student performance on assignments. 
    • Teachers will check emails throughout the school day and will respond in a timely manner but no more than 24-hours after reciept of the email. 
    • Teachers will offer immediate support for two-hours a week according to the schedule below:  
      • Tuesday: Math: 9-11am; History: 12-2pm
      • Wednesday: English/Lit: 9-11am; Science: 12-2pm
      • Thursday: PE/Health: 9-11am; Electives: 12-2pm


    Roles and Responsibilities – Students

    • Dedicate suitable time to learning, as guided by your teachers.
    • Use appropriate behavior on Google Classroom & during live virtual meetings.  Students may be "muted" from discussion boards if inappropriate behavior occurs.
    • Check Google Classrooms and emails daily for information on courses, assignments, and resources.
    • Attend and participate in virtual school check-in times offered by each of your teachers.
    • Identify a comfortable and quiet space to study/learn.
    • Engage in the virtual school platform with academic honesty.
    • Submit all assignments in accordance with provided timelines and/or due dates.
    • If you are having difficulty with technology, please contact our support service at or call 856-467-3300 extension 4256 and leave a voicemail with detailed information on the issue and we will call back with assistance.  


    Roles and Responsibilities – Parents/Guardians

    How you can support your child in their learning process?

    • Monitor Kingsway updates and checking in with your child daily is critical. Parents can specifically monitor virtual learning tasks, activities, and assessments that students have been assigned.
    • Encourage adherence and attendance in the virtual learning check-in times offered by each teacher.
    • Designate a place where your child will work independently on his/her assigned tasks.
    • Ask your child to provide a brief summary of the learning he/she is engaging in for each class to ensure their understanding of the content and the process they are being asked to engage in to demonstrate their learning.
    • Ask your child about their upcoming assignment deadlines and supporting them, as needed, in submitting assignments in accordance with the established deadlines.
    • Remind your child to email his/her teachers if they have any questions.
    • If you are having difficulty with technology, please contact our support service at or call 856-467-3300 extension 4256 and leave a voicemail with detailed information on the issue and we will call back with assistance.