Kingsway Regional Middle School is proud to announce the continuation of our climate and culture initiative entitled, #1DragonFamily.  Our #1DragonFamily committee has met on two occasions this summer to map out several activities, guest speakers, and school-wide assemblies that will be instrumental in emphasizing the importance of accepting differences while promoting respect among the entire school community throughout the school year. 

    In addition to the monthly activities and themes, KRMS will be offering an after school club opportunity (Dragon SPARK) as well in order to get our students further involved with this effort. We are extremely excited about continuing this initiative, and we are certain that all students are sure to benefit from our commitment to this program.  Below represents the themes that will be highlighted each month at KRMS.  We will highlight the six pillars of character over the first six months of the school year; those six pillars of character are the characteristics we look for in our monthly Spotlight Students from each team.





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