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    Our 2023 Craft Show Application will be be open and posted on this page on MAY 1, 2023.
  • Name Business_Name LOCATION SPACE Check-In ENTRANCE
    Maggie Abercrombie Hammer & Needle Heirlooms Aux Gym 179, 180 F
    Kristy Acevedo Kristy's Wreath Kreations Outdoor G C
    Terry  Alcorn www.beadadyxyarn.com South Gym 164 D
    Cindy Bachman Cindy's Crafts South Gym 162 D
    Emily Baker Magics Happening North Gym 42 A
    Tisa (Theresa) Behrens Handcrafted artwork & paint pours South Gym 149 C
    Carmen Bender Carmen's Magnetic Jewelry West Café 100 B1
    Fran  Bercaw Crayon Lady North Gym 39, 40 A
    Deepa Bharat Buckscobuys, LLC d/b/a Scrub a lil Deepa Outdoor C C
    Lisa Boccadutre Lisa Ann Originals South Main Lobby    
    Steve Borst Sand Art and crafts for Children Outdoor L B1
    Gina Boudakian Sanibel Sunsations Outdoor O B1
    Nabila Brabez Lancolia Hall 194 D
    Paula  Brown Kookabarn Outdoor DD A
    Ingrid Brunz knitted/crocheted treasures, plus North Gym 45 F
    Raevyn Bryant Snuffy's Plushies North Gym 38 A
    Jenna Buffetta B Baths South Gym 113 C
    Awelda Burke Crafts by Burke Aux Gym 169 F
    Lindsay Burns PersaLINized South Gym 130 E
    April Callahan AC Handmade Crafts North Gym 22 A
    Doug Camann Kingsway Goal Club (Booster Club) Hall 186 B2
    Linda Cardall Porcelain Painters of Southern NJ Hall 183 B2
    Florence Carey Just For Ewe West Café 69 B1
    Ashley Carola National Art Honor Society South Gym 139 E
    Kimberly Carpenter Carpenter Creative Co. East Café 68 B2
    Lillian Carter Elegant Creations Aux Gym 166, 167 F
    Julia Marie Cassidy Sweet Mary's Exceptional Chocolates Outdoor H C
    Sheri Cerrone Magickal Moon Jewelry by Sheri Cerrone Hall 201 D
    Abby Chambers Sweets by Abigail East Café 54 B2
    Mark Cirelly Bad Cat Designs In Wood North Gym 14 F
    Cheryl Compher River's Ribbons, Justcomphy South Gym 106, 107, 108 E
    Debra Cross Once upon CON-artist Outdoor HH A
    Beth Crowley EMD Enterprise Inc. West Café 70, 71 B1
    Ethel Cruz Ethel's Attic North Gym 44 F
    Beth Cummings Dear Anna Designs West Café 95 B1
    Dawn Cutillo Elli Blu South Gym 134 C
    Nancy Daiutolo Organic Soak Outdoor R B1
    Lisa DeLoach Heartfelt Creations by Lisa South Gym 158 C
    Nakia DeLuca Bristle sprout West Café 89 E
    Christine Desrosiers Top Shelf Jerky, byOtis Farms Outdoor T B1
    Kimberly Devers Kimberly's Creations South Gym 129 E
    Lisette Diamond No Tush LLC Hall 200 D
    Michelle Dietz Kermi’s Crafts Hall 203 D
    Debbie DiFrancesco Earrings, keychains, aprons, onesies South Gym 136, 137, 138 C
    Marilyn DiLorenzo Hand Sewn Fleece Scarves Outdoor J C
    Carolyn DiMambro Carol's Crafts North Gym 31, 32 F
    Jean Dixon Kitch 'N Stuff South Gym 148 C
    Kelsey Dominik Fearless Freestyle Living East Café 58 B2
    Cheryl Eiler This and That North Main Lobby A-C A
    Hannelore Evans Aunti Sissy's Treasures Hall 193 D
    Dottie Fairley Knitted & crocheted baby blankets, antiques for Christmas North Gym 21 A
    Kathleen Fanelli Handpainted/decorated wood crafts Hall 187, 188 D
    Leona Farmer Craftzen Custom Designs Hall 192 D
    Tina Favre NOiiCE Dyes Outdoor AA, BB A
    Sydney Fiala SydsMinis West Café 81 E
    Deb Fischer Paws-itively Yours East Café 52, 53 B2
    David Fish   David W Fish Construction Hall 181, 182 B2
    Brenda Fitzgerald Mary's Magical Maps West Café 74 B1
    Cheryl Flemming-Buck Country Fare South Gym 123, 124 D
    Tricia Franco Timeless Trends North Gym 9 F
    Mary Gant Home-made crafts for you by Mary West Café 94 B1
    Andrea Garber AJ Garber Artwork West Café 86 E
    Caitlin Gardiner Sunny Corner Studio East Café 66 B2
    Helen Giampaolo Handmade wreaths and canvas needle point West Café 97 B1
    Cindy Gold Best Friends Toys Hall 184 B2
    Dawn Gomeau DOCs North Gym 30 A
    Iris  Gonzalez Look at Crafty Me Outdoor P B1
    Laura Goss L and L Designs West Café 85 E
    Anna Grady Refrigerator magnets, silk arrangements & dog coats Aux Gym 171 F
    Derek & Rebecca Grammer derbecca Interchangeable Home Signs North Gym 27 A
    Vito Grasso Vito's Stained Glass North Gym 23 A
    Jennifer Greenhalgh Tralie's Treasures Outdoor EE A
    Lori  Griffin It's A Sign Outdoor A A
    Nilka  Gualtieri 3 Generations Art and Craft/Wonderful Work of wood North Gym 1, 24, 25, 26 A
    Dianne Hallowell Wood~Pipes~Paint West Café 98, 99 B1
    Regina Haney Painted Jewelry by Gina East Café 59 B2
    Dottie Hansbury Decorative tole painting South Gym 159 C
    KEF Dragons Helping Dragons North Main Lobby A
    James & Linda Hertzog Prints, matted/framed w/mint US postage stamps, magnets East Café 55, 56 B2
    Wendy Holmes Junior's Favorite Dog Treats North Gym 34, 35 F
    Deanna Horner Lynnie Loves Designs and S4S Designs North Gym 19, 20 A
    Lisa Hosey Regal Crafting Aux Gym 175, 176 F
    Leeanne Ilnicki WIld Echo Home Decor West Café 90 B1
    Angelina Jillson Creation Services Outdoor CC A
    Jessica D. Jimenez Star Note Creations Outdoor FF A
    Sandy  Johnson Grumpy Sparrow Soaps East Café 60 B2
    Stephanie  Johnson Red Cottage Candles Outdoor W B1
    Theresa Johnson Theresa's Wreath Room Outdoor Z B1
    Michelle Jordan Alphabet Photography by Michelle Jordan North Gym 36, 37 A
    Amanda Kahoun Kahoun Kreations LLC South Gym 126 E
    Betty Jean Keenan Rose Bett Wreaths South Gym 110, 111 C
    Kimberly Keleshian Rare Expressions North Gym 2 A
    Chanta Kinner Buffy's Home Outdoor I C
    Monica Kittel Individual crafter Hall 202 D
    Karol Klose KAROL'S KRAFTS Outdoor    
    Denise Kolojeski Grandma Cookies South Gym 157 D
    Anne Kowalchik Crafts By Nancy Aux Gym 173, 174 F
    Holly LaBuono The Crafty Chihuahua South Gym 141 E
    Joy  Lacca Bellissima East Café 57 B2
    Patricia Lamborne Mullica Hill Clay South Gym 152, 153 D
    Cynthia LaMonaca The Creative Crafter (Incl. Children's craft table) Hall 195 D
    Cindi LaSpada Cindi's Crafty North Gym 46 F
    Karen Layden Take it EZ Chimes South Gym 114, 115 C
    Helen Layton Jewels Jams & Jellies West Café 73 B1
    Jenaiyah Lewis Quirky Girl Kozmetic Factory South Gym 156 D
    Jillian Liwock SillyJilly Customs West Café 91 B1
    Michele Lombardo Designs By Shell South Gym 104, 105 E
    Jennie Lutes Country Crafts of South Jersey Hall 205 D
    Deborah Lynam Dragonfly Silverware Designs North Gym 49, 50 A
    Kim Lyons TapestryGal Designs East Café 61 B2
    Denise Martin Jewelry by Denise Hall 207 D
    Donnamarie McCabe Essentials by donnamarie mccabe North Gym 47 A
    Juliana McCrae D-Quinn Crafts and Creations Hall 204 D
    Linda McDonald Linda's Country Crafts West Café 78, 79 E
    Audrey McSwiggan N/A South Gym 147 C
    Carol Mignano Crocheted dish towels, pot holders, table runners  North Gym 5, 6, 7 F
    Joanna Miller Created in Chaos South Gym 116 C
    Justin  Miller August Shade Laser Crafts Outside X B1
    Sharon Mollick Earthstone Jewelry North Gym 17 A
    Rose Moran Studio Hotcake South Gym 125 D
    Joanna Morello Needles n Pins North Gym 10, 11 F
    Jamie Morris Beazen West Café 82, 83 E
    Erin Morrison Handmade painted wood crafts West Café 84 E
    Laura Muenzenberger scrunchies, bowl cozies, keychains, potholders West Café 72 B1
    JP Munar Fear Marvelous: Pop Up Photo Op with Grinch/Jack Outdoor JJ C
    Annette Murphy Nutty's Crafty Stuff South Gym 117 C
    Ginger Murray Ginger's Country Crafts West Café 101 B1
    Mary Ann Niedrich BAGS & BEADS BY GAGA South Gym 144 E
    Melodie Norton @babyduedesigns Aux Gym 177 F
    Bryan Nugent Valhalla Millworks Outdoor E C
    Lisa Oquendo LDSquared Woodworking Outdoor U B1
    Nichole Pace PaceMakers, NJ South Gym 142, 143 E
    Michele Panzino Panzino Creations South Gym 150, 151 E
    Jennifer Parker Cute Crafts by Jen South Gym 118 D
    Marlo Patsko Marlo's Next Act Outdoor M B1
    Shana Patterson ShayBeads South Main Lobby A C
    Nancy Napole Pedrick From Nancy's Heart North Gym 28, 29 A
    Meryl Penalver Moda Designs East Café 51 B2
    Nicole Petrusky Nikkie Nacks Outdoor Q B1
    Janet Plowe Painted Ceramics North Gym 18 A
    Colleen Quirk Mama C shop Outdoor N B1
    Linda Rainey Linda Rainey Pottery Hall 206 D
    Genna Ranalli Gdesigns Outdoor V B1
    Dana Raphael Danas Tutu Sweet Creations South Gym 161 C
    Alexa Razzano Nice Glass Outdoor K C
    Alyssia  Rivera Homebrew creations South Gym 160 C
    Patricia Roach Wreaths & magnets South Gym 163 D
    Joanna Robinson Sewn by Joan North Gym 15, 16 F
    Ted Roman Pixing3D Printing & Design Outdoor D C
    Diane Romano South Jersey Rescue North Gym 4 A
    Karlie Sakoff Mini Hands Sensory North Gym 48 A
    Lori Savoth Love Lori Crochet South Gym 127 E
    Elizabeth Scargle Handmade jewelry, wine bottles & mason jar decorations South Gym 154, 155 D
    Jennifer Schoch Wreaths, kids fleece jackets, mug caddies ...  Hall 190, 191 D
    Jackie Schorn Mending Daisies Hall 198 D
    Mikaela Schweigart Mikaela Rae Design West Café 92 B1
    Amanda Sherman Anchor Your Memories South Gym 109 C
    Nicole Shipley The Queen's Crayon Hall 196 D
    Pam Shivers Aboutapillow West Café 96 B1
    Anne-Marie Simon Imagine West Café 75 B1
    Christine Sink Gracie Moo Candles South Gym 165 D
    Karen Slattery Brush and Needel West Café 76, 77 B1
    Shannon Smerkanich MFAD Creations Hall 189 B2
    Becky  Snyder Son Light Designs North Gym 33 F
    Karen Spiro KJ Designs North Gym 43 F
    Gloria Steinberg Sewn fabric, leather, cork handbags, bowl cozies... East Café 62 B2
    Scott  Stepanski Butter Side Down (aka Atomic Lizard) South Gym 121, 122 D
    Wayne Stetser St. Peter's Episcopal Church East Café 63, 64 B2
    Nancy Stoops Crochet topped towels, table runners, baby afghans West Café 87, 88 E
    Maria Stumpf My 3 Pups Hall 197 D
    Denise Suarez Denise Suarez -  The Painted Shell North Gym 12 F
    Lisa Szczerba The Kitchen Cupboard Aux Gym 168 F
    Karen Teufel Creations, etc. South Gym 102, 103 E
    Michele Tocco One-of-a-Kind Designs by Michele North Gym 13 F
    Ryan & Ashley Toff Cactus House Woodworks East Café 67 B2
    Melody Toorneman Melody's Alchemy Aux Gym 172 F
    Margaret  Tursi Hand sewn dog scarves Outdoor Y B1
    Karen Vargas ZOE's Aux Gym 178 F
    Margaret Vasquez Crafts by Margaret South Gym 131, 132 E
    Lauren Verdi Embroidered & sublimation items Hall 185 B2
    Karen Viereck Nature's Heavnly Colors North Gym 8 F
    Ruth Wagner hand painted items on wood glass and tin South Gym 135 C
    Jacque Wainwright MadeByJacque Aux Gym 170 F
    Kristian Ward Habitat for Humanity Club South Gym 128 E
    Denise Warner Nana's House and Garden West Café 93 B1
    Nancy Warsing Quilling Queens South Gym 119, 120 D
    Barbara Welch Porch signs Outdoor GG A
    Maria Werz Maria's Crocheted Cuties Outdoor F C
    Bonnie Whipkey Avalon Beach Crafts South Gym 133 C
    Marie Wuelfing Lampwork Beads & Semi Precious Stone Jewelry South Gym 145, 146 E
    Jennifer Zamot Ry & Roe Custom Corner North Gym 41 A
    Ellen Zangaro Ellen Paints!!! North Gym 3 A
    Taylor Zavatsky TZ Trends Outdoor S B1
    Bryan/Ray Zilai Old Fashioned Kettle Korn, dba: The Kind Kettle Kettle Outdoor B A
    Katie Owens Farm Daughter Bakes LLC Please visit the Farm Daughter Bakes online    

    Craft Show 2023