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    Supreme Court rejects petition for school aid; Kingsway pledges to fight in trial courts

    Supreme Court rejects petition for school aid; Kingsway pledges to fight in trial courts

     Woolwich Twp. –  The Supreme Court has issued a ruling today that they could not accept our application seeking full funding for our students in the framework of the Abbot lawsuits. “Although we are disappointed by today’s ruling, we will not be deterred and we will continue the fight to bring equal funding to all students,” said Superintendent Dr. James J. Lavender.

    It has been far too long since the State has given students in New Jersey the full and proper measure of state aid to which they are so clearly entitled.  In Kingsway, our students have been deprived – on an annual basis – of millions of dollars in school funding from the State; funding which the State is obligated to provide so that students can fully realize the public education which they are promised in our state constitution. 

    Lavender continued, “the Court’s ruling was not as to the merits of our argument. We remain convinced that each student, regardless of whether they attend the smallest borough district or the largest regional district, has the same fundamental and constitutional right to a thorough and efficient public education as any other student in New Jersey, no matter where they go to school.”

    Therefore, despite this ruling, the Supreme Court has invited the Kingsway Regional School District to file its application through the trial courts. 

    The District is discussing its next steps with counsel and will continue this fight in any and all such forums until the rights of our students have been protected. 

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