Committed to Excellence


      To order copies of your transcript, please follow the directions below:


      •  Open this link in a new tab: MySchoolBucks
      •  Create an account and be sure to select Kingsway Regional High School as the school district.
      •  When you are logged in to your account, select school store, categories, and high school transcript. Then, select the high school transcript image.
      •  Fill out the form, then add to basket.
      •  Please note: If you are requesting more than one copy of your transcript, you will still only pay $5. For example, if you need 6 copies of  your transcript, you will still only pay for one request for $5 plus associated fees.
      •  Checkout by selecting the cart in the top right of the page. Select the pay-as-you-go membership option.
      •  Once you submit your payment for the transcript, the guidance office will receive a notification and send your transcript within 2-3 business days.



      To request a copy of your health record, test scores, or discipline record, please fill out the pdf below, and email, mail or fax the form to the information provided on the form.