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      January Student Readers of the Month 

    • A Night Divided

      by Jennifer A. Neilsen Year Published: 2015 Historical Fiction

      Recommended by Olivia Smith:

      "I enjoyed the book because it wasn't too sad, but it was very suspenseful."


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    • Ash & Bramble

      by Sarah Prineas Year Published: 2015 Fantasy

      Recommended by Skyler Pratt:

       "The book is based on Cinderella but with a not so happy ending.  It is very entertaining and keeps your interest."
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    • Counting by 7's

      by Holly Goldberg Sloan Year Published: 2013 Realistic Fiction

      Recommended by Bayleigh Calhoun:

      "This book is about Willow, an extremely intelligent girl, whose parents die in a car crash.  She becomes very close with the school guidance counselor and a few friends.  This book was very good and very inspirational."
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    • The Clique

      by Lisi Harrison Year Published: 2004 Realistic Fiction

      Recommended by Cholé Moorer:

      "I loved reading this book because it was full of drama!"
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    • The Hunger Games

      by Suzanne Collins Year Published: 2008 Sci-Fi; Dystopia
      Recommended by Maura Poulton:
      "Very energetic, fun and detailed.  Suzanne Collins made me feel like I was in the Game."
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    • Twilight

      by Stephenie Meyer Year Published: 2005 Fantasy, Romance
      Recommended by Jenna Sprigman:
      "This romance novel describes the whirlwind romance between a human and a vampire and shows a whole new world that humans have never seen before."
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