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      December Student Readers of the Month 

    • Hoot

      by Carl Hiaasen Year Published: 2002 Realistic Fiction

      Recommended by Ida Smith:

       "It is a fun story of a boy named Roy who movesto a coconut grove and puts an end to a construction sight that is endangering owls.
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    • The Last Star

      by Rick Yancey Year Published: 2016 Science Fiction

      Recommended by Ryan McGee:

      "It is a sci-fi story that has nonstop action for all to enjoy!"
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    • The Lightning Thief

      by Rick Riordan Year Published: 2005 Fantasy, action, adventure

      Recommended by Claire Mathis:

      "Percy learns the truth from his mother that his father is the Greek god Poseidon, and is sent to Camp Half Blood where he is befriended by a satyr and the demigod daughter of Athena who join him in a journey to the Underworld to retrieve Zeus's lightning bolt and prevent a catastrophic war."
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    • The Shattering

      by Kathryn Lasky Year Published: 2004 Fantasy
      Recommended by Evan Bretz:
      "Sequel to: The rescue. Soren leads the Chaw of Chaws to rescue his sister, and this begins the next battle between the owls of Ga'Hoole and the evil Pure Ones.  It was a good book!" 
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    • Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer

      by John Grisham Year Published: 2010 Mystery

      Recommended by Dominic Juliano:

      "Theo Boone, son of two lawyers, gets involved in the biggest murder case in the history of the town.  He knows who saw what really happened, but that person is too scared to come forward.  A lot of stress for a 13 year old boy--but he can handle it."


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    • Twilight

      by Stephenie Meyer Year Published: 2005 Fantasy
      Recommended by Ashton Sirko:
      "Some people might not think that Twilight is a good book, but read it and you will be interested!"
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